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Vibrator Sex Toy Gift Guide

It's no secret about how much women love vibrators. Designed to create the female orgasm, a feat that many men can't even accomplish! The stimulation created by the intense tingling vibrations adds a brand new thrill and combined with sexual arousal, it can make or break the difference between good satisfying sex and regular sexual activity with only one happy person as the end result. Below is a brief vibrator sex toy guide for some recommendations on the best sex toy for you to try on your partner.

Here are some of the different types of recommended vibrators:

Rabbit vibrators: The ultimate sex toy for women. The reason is because there is simultaneousVibrator Sex Toy Guide clitoral and vaginal stimulation. Doctors studies have shown that women need both type of pleasure in order to achieve an orgasm. This is not a stat that women would argue either! This type of sex toy produces the fastest orgasm so if you intend on using the vibrator for extended foreplay, then this may not be the choice for you. This is the best sex toy for quickies.

G-Spot vibrators: There are various types of curves, the most effective are plastic vibrators because the jelly ones tend to bend and won't give her the most direct g-spot stimulation possible. Also, the plastic vibrates are much more powerful. G-spot vibrators are the best for foreplay becuase they create sexual arousal and make her crave your manhood. Try purchasing a vibrator where the vibration mechanism is at the top because it gives her better pleasure, more concentrated tight at the pleasure zone.

Jelly vibrators: These sex toys come in a variety of shapes but they are being categorized together based on the material because jelly offers are very unique sensation. You must use lubricant because otherwise there will be friction which will be very uncomfortable for her. The sensation of limitless gliding and sliding is very erotic and a little naughty, so you will be able to see her in the throes of pleasure, writhing around d the vibrator and giving you quite the show.

Realistic vibrators: I would advise against most of these realistic vibrators because the size of often much larger then you are. Sure she will experience extreme pleasure and you will enjoy the view of her being stuffed, but when it comes time for you to have sex with her, she won't feel you as much. Don 't give her a sex toy that competes with you! Try a variety because it can make your sexual encounters more exciting. Variety is the spice of life! Vibrators are recommended becuase if you have never given a woman an orgasm and then had sex with her, you are missing very very fun experience. It is sexual desire at it's very finest!
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